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Inspired by the true story of a little dog who made friends with a rescued horse who gives him a daily ride, The Mutt & the Mustang features 30 classic illustrations plus a page of photos showing the real dog riding "his" horse.

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The Mutt & the Mustang Wins
National INDIE 2012/2013 Book Award

I'm thrilled to let you know my first children's picture book, The Mutt & the Mustang received 1st place Next Generation INDIE Book Award 2012 in the Children's Picture Book category.

Next Generation INDIE Book Awards, the largest not for profit book awards program in the world was established 5 years ago to recognize and honor the most exceptional independently published books printed in English from all over the world. Nominated by independent book stores from all over the USA and Canada - The Mutt & the Mustang was nominated by MacDonald Book Shop - books are then judged by leaders in the publishing industry. Winning books in sixty different categories are selected based on overall excellence. I am honored to have The Mutt& the Mustang receive this distinguished award.

With limited distribution - available through only 20 prestigious gift stores in northern Colorado summer tourist towns, The Mutt & the Mustang has sold more than 10,000 copies during three summer tourist seasons. Using Paypal or credit card, autographed copies are also available through this website.

Judy, who in a writing career that spans twenty-five years has had 2 other books published, including one on wildlife rehabilitation, as well as thousands of magazine articles enjoys visiting schools where she shows a video of the mutt riding the mustang, and depending on grade level, speaks on various topics, including pets, animal rescue, inspiration to write, being an author, having the courage to follow a dream and Colorado's wild horse herds.

From a letter Judy received from a 5th grader after a school visit:
"Thank you so much for inspiring me! I really waned to be a writer, so I started writing Snowstorms Over the Salvista. After I started, my friends discouraged me to the point where I stopped writing. After you came, it gave me the confidence to keep writing. At this point, I have written 5 chapters of my book. Thank you so much for inspiring me to keep writing! Sincerely, Erika"

Judy and her rescued pets live in Estes Park, adjacent to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Judy with Crow, latest rescued mustang

Official Site of Pet Pals Publishing and The Mutt & The Mustang
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